SpringSummer 18

october 2017

“I am always interested in what sits outside of fashion. It’s an attitude that is at the heart of Acne Studios, and this season I wanted to explore this outsider way of being. These are individual pieces that are as if found characterful looks that are made for pleasure.“


Jonny Johansson, Creative Director 

Acne Studios x LE MILE Studios

A heightened collection of separates, each with a specific point of view: jackets; shirts; high waisted trousers; sheer dresses. Fabrics appear simple but are often treated or embellished. Tones of acid optimism mix with the shades of thrift. A mint tailored suit has a roomy cut, while satin bowling zip-ups sit high at the waist. Shirts in quilted or or punctured suede are like outerwear. A long silhouette is created by high waisted trousers, which have a kick at the ankle. The trousers are tab-fronted, usually not matching the rest of the look. Satin shirts run through the collection, emphasising the message of separates, their collars oversized and pointed. What looks like plastic is actually jersey that has been treated with starch. It’s used repeatedly for pieces such as animal print shirts and trousers. Embellishments are like customisation, such as the haberdashery trims on safari jackets, or the hand embroidered sequins on loose knit polos and denim jeans. 

Short sleeved sheer shirts are an easy summer layer, sometimes printed with passport stamps. Sheer, skin tight bra-top dresses are there for pleasure. Cuban heel mules are a cowboy patchwork of leathers, while strappy heels have a feeling of old made new. Briefcases are like a find, in leather that looks fake. Pumpkin bags have an easiness that defines the whole collection.