ROMe as a dream. DROMe as a journey. 

november 2017

DROMe presents the evocative new mens Spring/Summer 2018 collection images, shot by 20 year old artist, Gabriele Rosati 

DROMe Man SS18 x LE MILE Magazine by Gabriele Rosati

DROMe is a young Italian brand and stands as a project uniquely based on leather, rendered as a lively and natural material, yielding to shapes and themes inspired both by biker and sport worlds and by a new concept of this textile, renovating the classic notion of a "leather jacket". The DROMe atmosphere is subtle , inspired by the elegance of the Mod’s of the 1960’s

The style is utterly sophisticated with elaborated details, favoring a rather minimal approach, and with a peculiar care in terms of treatments. DROMe is not a mere product but the research of an individual and recognizable style, emerging from a poetic and passionate vision of the leather.

DROMe, indeed, presents a product that is powerful, unique, urban and rule breaking, but at the same time niche, sophisticated, cool, digital and musical.