ZHI Chen Collection >>Playground<<

september 2017

Playground is an all-knitwear collection that conveys playfulness and lightness while the garments are underpinned by highly intricate and sophisticated fabric structures. The elaborate patterns, rich colours and distinct textures are all knitted into integral pieces of seamless fabric and remind us on works of Alexander Calder who has influenced the bright colors and blocky shapes used by the designer in this collection. Playground offers a new knitwear that renders smooth surface that bears intricacy within a harmonious whole, as if the fabrics are born this way, natural and pristine. This revolutionary collection redefines knitwear.


I AM CHEN x LE MILE Magazine

"Fashion design for a long time had been looked down upon and seen as superficial. It then has become fashionable for designers to throw around concepts and impose ideas on the garments. Further, there exists this idea that being sleepless is the necessity of good work. Why couldn’t we just be happy and healthy to enjoy the process of design? In last a few months at the London College of Fashion, I found a knitting machine sitting around and it instantly became my new toy. I happily played it to create garments that simply satisfies my aesthetics. I call this collection Playground."