*Marzio Cavanna *

november 2017

Everyone sees Milan as a busy and buzzing fashion capital... But my Milan is different...
My Milan is calm and inspiring... almost abandoned.
My Milan is mature and mysterious...

You need to become a spy, to recognize and see the hidden treasures of this city. To get to know, to feel My Milan, you would need to walk and look like a local. Every time I walk My Milan, I feel favored to being born and living in this city. 

Julia Ahtijainen_PRADA Inner Landscape_Marzio Cavanna

Marzio Cavanna is an Italian architect who was born in Milan.
He is driven by two passions – architecture and pharmacy – two very different yet equally dynamic and deep subjects to dive into. His first love, architecture, requires devotion and patience, as every project is a translation of an owner and his or her character. Marzio’s work is about creating an ambience, the sensation of a house or a room, while respecting the story of his subject matter. Marzio’s taste is surprisingly calm yet crispy and dark like Northern nights. His personal creations are rather masculine than feminine, rather Scandinavian than Italian, concrete and strong. “That’s because I adore winter months and Nordic design,” says the architect as we walk around Milan, “but Milan is my city... I really like Porta Venezia and Villa Necchi. There is something very chic and dynamic about these parts of Milan.” The way Marzio speaks about his city, makes a person next to him fall in love with Milan. It requires an eye for a detail and a character of a spy to recognize and understand the real spirit of the Milan. 


Julia Ahtijainen PRADA Inner Landscape Marzio Cavanna Architect


An object you cannot live without?
A pencil.

Your favorite movie?
“A Single Man” by Tom Ford

How would you define Milan?
What makes it outstanding are the people of Milan.
Although Milan is a small city in comparison to other metropolitans, it has an international atmosphere and two different sides ‘classical’ and ‘modern’ which give a harmoniously unique identity to the city.
It is a wonderful city that is in a constant development.

How would you define Italian culture?
Italian culture is convoluted, it has a rich history and fascinating future.

How would you define Italian taste?
Italian taste is complex, refined and always appreciated.

What is the meaning of life?
Life is about having and objective and finding a way to reach it.

What you’re afraid of?
That I won’t have enough of time to fulfill all my curiosities.

Your favorite song?
“Perfect Day” by Lou Reed


Who? Marzio Cavanna
Occupation? Architect
Company? MCA Studio
From? Milan, Italy

Story and Theme: Julia Ahtijainen
Photography: Andrea Benedetti
Style: Kensuke Takehara