august 2017



In the past few years, there´s been big steps taken on the action camera scene. The movie-makers are now getting more and more of a shake-up from the virtual-reality action camera producers. The VR action camera can capture a 360 degree scene, actually everything that is happening around you. 


Camera KODAK Pixpro
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Kodak PixPro´s SP360 4K VR action camera hasn´t just a very long and out of the ordinary name but it also is one of a kind in its field of 360 degree cameras. Two cameras are bolted together so both lenses are pointing away from each other and capture every moment and detail in your surrounding. Its significant resolution and spherical immersion makes the new 360 degree camera so preferably to its forerunner.

  Camera  KODAK PixPro SP360 4K Still Image Collage (two 360° images)

Camera KODAK PixPro SP360 4K
Still Image Collage (two 360° images)

Nowadays, you can get a pair of VR glasses for a very low price, (even google sells VR glasses), so anyone can watch and produce VR clips and films. But the challenge for LE MILE Studios was to create a virtual reality that doesn´t try to be close to the reality, but instead create a vision of surreal reality, a fantasy. To do so, we have choosen one of Buddhism's most sacred sites:  the Golden Shwedagon Pagoda with its 27 metric tons of gold leaf, along with thousands of diamonds is believed to enshrine 8 hairs of the Gautama Buddha as well as relicts of three former Buddhas. The elegant Pagoda is Yangon´s most famous landmark. The massive 99 meter high Pagoda dominates not only the small hill on which he is located at but it is also visible from most parts of the city. With our Kodak Pixpro 360 degree camera, we were able to capture in moving and in still images the Pagoda´s impressive appearance by night and the mystical atmosphere that it creates while being enlightened by spotlights.

Camera KODAK PixPro SP360 (360° in 16:9 format)

We´re glad we were there and had Kodak Pixpro with us... Kodak Pixpro, thanks for capturing moments with us, too

The latest model of KODAK Pixpro in one smart package will be out by September ´17. more infos