september 2017

KAHLA porcelain a family-owned manufacturer of fine hard-paste porcelain based in the small town Kahla in German Thuringia. Since 1844, the company has been producing contemporary designed items for everyday use. Their porcelain is being sold in over 60 countries and has been awarded with more than 90 international design awards. 

KAHLA porcelain x LE MILE Studios

O – The Better Place Plate, (Flat - 12" | 30.5 CM)

With the formation in 1994 by Günther Raithel, the brand has evolved into a pioneer in table culture. Nowadays, KAHLA is one of Europe's most modern porcelain manufacturers creating products that reflect contemporary lifestyle and culture. With its "Porcelain for the Senses", the Raithel family vouches for the highest quality in its field. 

KAHLA porcelain x LE MILE Magazine

O – The Better Place Plate, (Oval - 12.5" | 32 CM)

LE MILE Magazine presents their new collection >>O - The Better Place<< designed by Barbara Schmidt. The designer has been working for KAHLA since 1991. Taking on a leading role in the reorientation of the company, she has been awarded with more than 40 design awards. 
The new series is highly limited to only a few multifunctional pieces. And still, it offers all the essential functions of tableware. Its distinct fold on the upper side of the product offers new opportunities to creativity and was inspired by the technique of origami. The chef now can stage his culinary creations and is able to divide all pieces into two zones: There is space for the food and a surface for holding the dish.  

KAHLA porcelain x LE MILE Magazine