LE MILE is here to celebrate art and the vision, integrity + commitment that goes into creating it.

LE MILE is a celebration of new ideas and creations for a generation, thinking differently from past generations. We offer a window into the vast realism of fashion, the arts, design + photography. Throughout LE MILE we stand for authentic fashion photographs, a combination in between art and high fashion. We open minds to new borders and horizons in visual arts and create its reader to a forward thinker, who cares about creative culture and the inspiration that it brings.


Founder + Editor-in-Chief
Alban E. Smajli

Henrike Schneider
Creative Consultant + Culture Editor
Julia Ahtijainen
Fashion Editor
Ginevra Valente
Digital Manager
Qamile Smajli
Managing Editor
Andreas Hübner

Taos Silem
Valerie McPhail
Michelle Heath

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