Milena Wojhan

september 2017
written Boah Kim

It is impossible to be disappeared in this way as a being. A beautiful but somehow shadowy woman.
She just vanished in a split-second. I’ve been following, sneakingly peeping on her for the last couple of days with this dismal weather – it seemed to be perfectly in synch with her heroin-chic aesthetic.



At a first glance, I thought she was waiting for something or someone, though without any hope. She was leaning on the window looking outside with a despair, as if she could detect some tracks of other beings that she had been desperately longing for. Or, it is also possible that she had been chased by someone because there were some moments that she was extremely trembling with fear and horror. Yes, her flamboyant crimson outfit did not bode well for her future – it already made her looking like a victim of a crime scene. 


After the long-haul of my observation, the bizarre moment came in a flash. It was the moment that she arrived this dark hallway, when her lashes started to quiver in a dim light. With the blank eyes she was gazing into something, which I assumed that she had been waiting for or chased by, yet, I couldn’t sense anyone else but her. Driven by some mysterious spirit, she was taking the hesitating steps forward. She jumped into the eternal staircase, landed on the cold floor, and her cheek slowly flushed crimson. 

Credit Information  |  
Photography Milena Wojhan
Model Jada Joice
Assistence Selina Popp