SpringSummer 18

october 2017

‘Libertad’ is an ode to communist Latin America - joyfully embracing the similarities and differences between the great communist regions. The collection draws inspirations from the warmth and heat of these
territories, something which Russia so stereotypically lacks.

paul and yakov spring summer 2018 collection

Referring to the connection between the USSR and Latin America during the 20th century, the collection represents the longing to travel to locations far geographically but close ideologically. Exotic places to which we can oddly relate.

Considered an ally to the USSR, Communist Latin-America was the ultimate unreachable destination for many soviets. Idealistic portraits of Russians who travelled to Cuba and popular Soviet movies of heroic Mexican soldiers of communism, fuelled the fantasy of this Latin-American utopia. - Faded prints represent unfulfilled dreams and a yearning for exploration when
living in alienation. Ecru and frayed denims portray a liberty closer to home, one of 90’s USSR.

High quality natural materials such as leather and wool are enhanced with raw edges, stone washing, Japanese cotton, summer linen and silk.