*Men Must  Keep in Mind When Buying Pullovers*

written Rachel Stinson

february 018

We all love pullovers. The feeling of a hood over your head as you plug your earphones in and drift away to the sound of your favorite artist’s voice is one that is almost ethereal. However, before getting that dream pullover, there are certain actors you need to keep in mind:



*Breathability* How good is it with moisture absorption?

When a pullover is made of a fabric that is unable to create well, it will easily lose its warmth and insulation qualities. Although it is true that breathability and warmth go hand in hand more often than not, breathability is a factor that also applies strongly to athletes due to the fat that they require pullover fabrics that are breathable in order to prevent the pullover itself from gaining excessive weight from the accumulation of moisture (weight which, in turn, will slow an athlete down and reduce his or her ability to perform at an optimal level). The breathability factor means that pullovers that are made from materials such as silk, cotton, linen, and wool are the best. They do a perfect job of evaporating an excess moisture from the skin, thereby leaving the skin feeling dry and light.


*Color* Does it work well with my outfit?

It is very important for your pullover to fit the rest of your outfit. Make sure that whatever color your pullover is, it is able to match and provide an excellent complete to the rest of your ensemble.


*Style* What does it look like?

Pullovers have definitely evolved over the years; what was seen as hot and trendy then might not necessarily seem so today. In times past, there have been various manufacturers (most notably sport apparel manufacturers like Adidas uae) of pullovers that have been able to infuse some much needed creativity into their designs. These designs became so popular and as such, it became one of the biggest factors to be put into consideration when purchasing pullovers. For instance, clothes with bright colors seem to have taken the charge in today’s fashion world. Every man seems to have something with a bright color, and a lot of pullover manufacturers have seen that trend naturally, they adapted and looked for stunning ways to infuse these colors into their products. However, there’s a flip side. The major problem with placing too much of an emphasis on style is the fact that it can ultimately get conflicted with the major purpose of a pullover; providing warmth and protection, especially in the cold. To wit, make sure that you prioritize style, but not at the expense of the basic function of a pullover.


*Strength* How well does it absorb heat?

Pullovers are meant to help keep you warm, so it is only expedient that you put this factor into consideration as well.


*Fit* Does it look good on me?

Pullovers are part of fashion, and fashion’s basic essence is to help find what looks good and presentable on you. Make sure that you consider the size of a pullover before making an investment in it. However, you should also consider the shrinkage factor; a lot of fabrics tend to shrink after being washed a few times. A helpful rule of thumb that can save you is that you can buy a pullover that is a half-size larger than you. Make sure to look out for the size, especially if you’ll be getting yours on an online shopping uae platform. Your pullover is ideally supposed to be free around areas such as the chest, waist, and shoulders (especially the shoulders!). However, they should also not look too free. The hood should also be a comfortable fit around the neck and ears.


*Size* How well does it fit me?

The size of your pullover is also important. You need to ensure that it has enough space for you to move, but it is not too big to make you almost disappear inside it. 


*Cost* Can you afford it?

You’ll always consider cost. Inasmuch as you want to get a pullover, it is important that you spend according to your means. If you know that you can afford one, go for it. If you can, it might be better to keep looking.