Fierce + Feminine

november 2017

Tsolmandakh Munkhuu is a very special woman who defied and defeated the sometimes constricting confines of her native Mongolia to follow her creative urge. Thank goodness she did, and thank goodness she was strong, talented, and determined enough to succeed, because one thing is certain: ever since its 2010 foundation, Tsolmandakh Munkhuu’s fashion brand, Tsolo Munkh, has certainly been enriching the fashion world.

Tsolo Munkh x LE MILE Magazine

The artist (because one look at any one of her creations will prove that she is just that) has made a name for herself also thanks to her ability to take inspiration from traditional Mongolian and Buddhist elements (in a constant celebration of her roots) and western elements alike. Tsolmandakh Munkhuu set up base for her brand in Oulan Bator, but she took her studies in France (at Atelier Chardon Savard) and she knows the world in all its variety of shapes and cultures, a knowledge which shows in her designs. If you are not yet familiar with this impressive woman’s works, her Spring/Summer 18 Women’s collection is a great place to start. Presented at NeC gallery for 5 years now in Le Marais, in Paris, this collection is a striking array.   

There is a great use of leather and fur, as inspired by the Mongolian steppes. Tsolo Munkh’s designs have a feeling of ancestral earthiness to them. The sharp lines, along with the remarkable creasings and foldings, give us the image of a fiercely feminine woman able to face everything with the uttermost grace and elegance. One dress from the collection is enough to make any woman feel empowered. 

Wool also makes an appearance to “fluff up” and enrich leather jackets that promise war to any winter chill that might be blowing your way. 

The leathers are usually enriched with exquisite embroidery in a technique reminiscent of traditional Mongolian leather manufacturing mixed in with the creative flair of a passionate fashion designer. 

Black is the dominant color from one collection to another that, despite its fierceness, makes each piece delicate in its own way.

Tsolmandakh Munkhuu is a very special woman, Tsolo Munkh is a very special brand, and if you aren’t familiar with them yet, we suggest you rectify.