Collection 01

august 2017

Venczel is the exacting expression of swedish designer Matilda Venczel. The newborn label serves as the maiden voyage for the former student of the Antwerp Academy. Having worked through the studio of Carol Christian Poell and subsequently Tärnsjö Tannery, her thoughtfully critical eye weaves a singular vision through every articulation of the label, from the workmanship of the leather, to the humanity of the pieces when worn.



VENCZEL Collection 01 x LE MILE Magazine

Venczel’s first collection takes the outsider’s perspective in its approach to form and function, while paying dues to the craft of saddlery with discriminating attention. Drawing inspiration from the supercar circuit, the guttural drum of
A flat 6 engine has its torque transmuted into affecting geometries.
Inspiration is unabashedly found in ”fast cars, sharp knives and other stuff”. In fast times of decidedly faster fashions, the collection’s careful consideration of lasting design values is experienced Nella Carne. The feel of the handbags and weight of the jewelry eschew the abandonment of quality, chasing the particular distinction of becoming a future generation’s heirloom.
Collection 01 features handbags and accessories designed in Sweden and made in Transylvania from vegetable tanned, full grain bovine leather.

Credit Information  |  
Photography Nadine Fraczkowski + David Zilber
Models Pan Daijing, Lara Wehrs
Hair + Makeup Franziska Presche
Production + Casting Gabor Szabo
Clothing Siri Birkeland