more function - more color

november 2017

The upcoming YUN collection features two new lens colors and five completely new silhouettes. Sahara + Bordeaux are the new shades for sunglasses at YUN Berlin. The soft yellow shading of the Sahara gives the world a glimmer of gold and at the same time makes the view perceptible. The blue-light filter of the lens and the associated color can also be used in foggy and wet-cold autumn days.

LE MILE Magazine_YUN_Edition02_2017_Lookbook_6.jpg

The complete production of YUN eyewear is self-directed, almost all components are produced in South Korea, whereas the lenses are being produced in the company-owned manufactory. And that is also the highlight of YUN - through its own production, distribution and trade, the brand can offer its glasses at incomparably fair prices.